Tour Miniature Switzerland by Miniature Train


Mini train SwissVapeur Tour Miniature Switzerland by Miniature Train

One of the mini trains at the Swiss Vapeur featuring miniatures of Switzerland land marks


If you would like to take a tour of Switzerland but only have a day, then go to Lake Geneva, where you can enjoy a tour of Switzerland at the The Swiss Vapeur Parc, which is  located near the Rhone River and Lake Geneva, south of Montreux.

The park  has  about 16 miniature train engines.   Half of the locomotives are steam engines while the others work with gas or petroleum.  There are  2,000 m of railway track and only 1,200 m of walkways and paths. The trains are guided by  signals and  switches on a 12-minute circular journey through f tunnels and across  bridges and six level crossings. Travelers can embark at different stations with the cog-wheel mountain trains only departing from La Prairie station.

The  Parc has  miniature copies of  original trains. The station signs are copies of smaller Swiss Railway signs. Some of the  Swiss buildings were reproduced in about one quarter size as are the train engines.

The  trains are a must stop for visitors on a family vacation.  Allow about three hours to experience the parc.

Miniature railway enthusiasts may operate their own personal single-seater trains on the tracks too but general visitors have to ride the normal ones. Visitors may sail hand-made boats on the lake.  Handicap and persons in wheelchairs can be accommodated so they can enjoy the parc.  If it is raining there are covered trains to allow the rides to continue.

Click on the link below for videos and more details on Swiss Vapeur Parc:

The Parc is open from May 19 – Nov 2,  2014.  With opening times between 10am – 6pm.  From June 14 – 21 and July 31 – August 16, the Parc is open till 11:30pm for night train rides